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Name - Dave G.
Show/Date - Canyon Club 5/13/16

I am a huge AC/DC fan and love there music but to hear it live is a rare occurrence. I was so lucky to get to see them at Dodger Stadium earlier this year as I see they are now going away. I have now seen Bonfire 2 times at The Canyon Club and I can tell you there is no other tribute band out there that brings home the energy and the early Bon Scott song to life then this band. I was front row and the band interacts with all the fans. The songs were so good and they pulled out some really old stuff that I had never heard played live and it was awesome to hear it played live. The singer looks and sounds like Bon Scott it is unreal. The rest of the band brings so much energy to the table and it is non stop the way it should be. I will continue to find places to see this band to hear the music I like to hear. I recommend highly if you haven't seen this band perform, you are in for a awesome treat. Great Band, Great Energy, and they do all the songs justice. Thank you boys and sometimes girl for doing it right.
Name - Rick
Show/Date - Coach House 7/15/16
I have been a fan of AC/DC since I was a little kid. I have seen AC/DC live with Brian Johnson and it has been a regret for decades for somehow missing the chance to see Bon Scott when I had the chance. I had the privilege of seeing Bonfire at The Coachhouse on July 15th, 2016 and knew while they performed their first song that this was as close as I will ever get to seeing early AC/DC live. I remember singing every song and smiling from ear to ear throughout their show. My favorite song of the night was probably Sin City, but honestly they were all great!!! I will catch Bonfire every chance I get from this day forward!!!
Name - Shyla A.
Show/Date - Feather Falls 8/5/16

Feather Falls Casino was on FIRE with Bonfire on August 5th 2016. Everyone was on their feet rocking the roof off the Casino. Old and young totally enjoyed the show and there was not an empty seat in the house. The dance floor was totally packed. Bonfire gave us their all and rocked our socks off. They graciously stay after and meet with the fans to sign autographs and take pictures. This band is a real class act. We can't wait till your return! Rock on Bonfire!
Name - Sam G
Show/Date -Navarro, CA 7/10/16
Navarro General Store Never was Rocked like last night. The boys made the long trek from LA to Mendocino to absolutely Rock the hell out of the place up here. This was the best show ever at Navarro. 2+ straight hours of non-stop hard rock...Everyone in the band was at their best last night. Diego went totally wild, running around with the kids and all of the girls just loving him and his antics...Thanks Bonfire for an unforgettable night
Name - Lana
Show/Date - OC Market Pl 6/18/16
Not only was it hot in So Cal Saturday afternoon BONFIRE set the degrees up another 100 degrees!! They were on FIRE ! HOT,HOT, HOT!!! Next time they play in your area get off your asses and see these guys! They are not a waste of your time they are ONE OF A KIND, simply the best!! Just had to say THANK YOU!!!
Name - Sam G
Show/Date - Oroville 2/27/16
I'm 60 years old and been to hundreds of music venues and festivals from huge to small and this was ABSOLUTELY one of the best shows I've ever seen. Bonfire is like a time machine back to see Bon Scott and the band. This is old AC/DC at it's very finest. They rocked the packed house non-stop. I came home and asked our local music venue "Navarro General Store" to book them up here in Mendocino county! Lets hope it happens. This band is the real deal with blazing guitar solos to match the flawless vocals. Rockin' drums and bass keep it all together. Why aren't these guys superstars yet??? Well they are in my book....Come on North bay area music venues, Get Bonfire to perform. They are Awesome. Also Feather falls Casino is a great place to see some music and spend the night at the Lodge.

Name - Javier
Show/Date - Harvelles 10/10/15

Another excellent show indeed! I highly recommend sticking with Riff Raff as your opener, VERY cool indeed! Took my brother in law and his wife for their first time, and made believers out of them! BONFIRE rocks! First time I heard you guys play Hells Bells, very cool indeed. Thanks Diego for the photo op after the show with you and my wife and your guitar! woo hoo! See you guys in Riverside at Romano's! Rock on!
Name - J. Garcia
Show/Date - Swap Meet 7/31/15
I am a hard core AC/DC die hard fan. AC/DC @ Dodger Stadium just recently was freakin' awesome, even at top deck seats! Bonfire I've seen 7 or 8 times, can't remember, but every single time I've seen these guys, they always exceed my expectations! I can go on forever stating all the positives! If you haven't seen them, make the effort to see them, you won't be disappointed. A glimpse of the musical magic of early AC/DC, hard rockin' but FUN and groovin' music that makes you want to move your body and thrust your fist in the air. Just printed my tickets for the October show at Harvelle's in Long Beach, looking forward to it indeed. Bonfire picks all the great groovin' and rockin' songs that made AC/DC great. I thrust my beer high in the air to Bonfire for capturing the true embodiment of early AC/DC at their finest. I salute you Bonfire! Rock On!
Name - Michael Caswell
Show/Date - House of Blues 9/24/15
This band is the real deal. They give you 2 hours of ass kicking rock and roll. Diego is one bad ass guitar man. The lead singer is off the hook as is the bass player. Saw these guys at HoB in Anaheim on Sept. 25 and they were amazing. Don't miss this band. Diego, you're unbelievabe. This is high energy, crowd screaming, ball busting music. See you guys at Harvelle's.
Name - Denelle
Show/Date - Paladinos 8/7/15
I just came home from the Paladinos show the evening of August 7th show and I just can't stop myself from saying this, if I were to close my eyes I would swear it was ACDC playing. You just can't get any better than that, that is what you strive for, that is the ultimate goal. Bon Fire that is what you are when I close my eyes and that's what you are when I open my eyes to The Bon Fire of ACDC!
Love everything about you
Name - Tex Hayes
Show/Date - Hollister 8/01/15
First date I took my wife on was 1979 AC/DC Highway to Hell tour Amarillo Texas~~ We have seen Bonfire 4 times at the pepper tree ranch in Hollister ~~ BALLS to the WALL~` Rocking Roll show and all that JIVE~` I enjoy this band Just as Much as seeing AC/DC back in the day~ They had the Joint Hoppin!
Name - Shelley
Show/Date - Willy Beamons 7/24/15
An excellent performance lead singer has the voice (unbelievable), the looks, and even the entire concert had every Bon Scott move down to a science. Dressed in Bon's signature look, faded denim jeans and the blue Nike sneakers (yes the 70s) The group put on a performance that was non stop action
Name - T
Show/Date - Grove Anaheim 6/20/15
Caught you guys as the opener for a show at the Grove - enjoyed your performamnce very much. You guys rock hard - new fan.
Name - dylan
Show/Date - Grove of Anaheim 6/20/15
just saw you guys at the grove of anaheim, and you guys absolutely rocked the night away. great energy
Name - Bob
Show/Date - Hot Rods & Beer 3/07/15
2nd time I have seen them @ Hot Rods & Beer in Holtville, Ca. Small intimate Bar with a more than personal show. My son and I drove from Yuma, About 45 miles to see them. Absolutely the Best Tribute band of all Time for any Venue. Also thanks for coming to Yuma Car show the night before. We chose to go to Holtville for the smaller type atmosphere. Fantastic Job. Have seen AC/DC with and without Bon Scott, Bonfire does a great job on all the older songs. Thanks again
Name - Danielle Kirkpatrick
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 4/18/15
I am a huge fan of ACDC and had no idea what to expect from a tribute band. They were simply AMAZING and had such great energy that the crowd didn't want them to leave -- neither did I. This was probably the best concert I've ever been to by far. I would go see them again any day. I recommend anybody who is a fan of ACDC to go check out Bonfire!
Name - shane soares
Show/Date - House of Blues 4/25/15
2nd time i saw you guys. you killed it again! you gotta come back to the oc marketplace where you played for 2 1/2 hours!!!!
Name - Greg
Show/Date - House of Blues 4/25/15
Epic night! we had fun . the band had fun.
after that the Zep couldn't keep up. You set the bar too high
I will see you guys again, but I don't know how you could top Saturday night.
had a blast. keep rocking \m/
Name - acdc4ever
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 4/18/15
BANG BANG BOOM!!! The Rock Yard will never be the same. You guys hit the stage full throttle and rock'd the yard... I guess I've seen you play at least 30 + times now and I never expected to hear you play "Baby Please Don't Go". WTF!!! What could possible be next? Jus keep it coming because hard core AcDc fans love surprises! Great Show, Great Play List and All Around Your the Best Tribute Band Around Hands Down!!!
Thank You!!!
P.S. I saw AcDc at Coachella Fest The night before and with out a doubt your performance was as good
Name - kiddie
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 4/18/15
Name - kiddie
Email - coocoo_puffs@yahoo.co
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 4/18/15
Review -
OMG..I have seen these guies before and they are AWESOME. And last night they did it again.....These old bones have not moved as much as they did last night...a total blast. This is one group of guies I'll go see whenever they are here....their show is full of energy... All the band members are adorable....keep on rocking guies....and come back soon......Peace.
Name - Nicolas Martinez
Show/Date - Fresno 4/11/15
Name - Nicolas Martinez
Email - npatrick326@gmail.com
Show/Date - Fresno 4/11/15
Review -
This show was phenomenal. It fucked up the show I experienced on 7/12/2014 HOB!!! No joke,Madd love!!!
Name - Luke
Show/Date - SFS Swap Meet 3/27/15
There's nothing really more I can say of how your the greatest tribute to AC/DC that ever lived. It was my first time at the gig and my 5 show and still you guys forever blow me away! I'm coming to my 6 show at the canyon club next week and going to 2 shows during spring break! A teen doesn't get a better break than this. So guys please don't stop what your doing so many more people don't even know who Bon Scott or AC/DC even are, long live the kings... BONFIRE!!!!!
Name - Annie
Show/Date - Yuma 3/06/16
I didn't know what to expect but....wow! This band is awesome! Much talent all around. Thanks for the great show guys!
Name - Kelly
Show/Date - Other

Of all the rock n roll bads in the world past or present AC/DC is By Far My Favorite. and of all the Tribute Bands Bonfire is my Favorite By Far. Ive seen lots of tribute bands to AC/DC but this band blows them all aways. the singer looks acts and sings just like Bon Scott, its scarey.. i hope you guys can come out to West Texas (Odessa) one of these days. the show would sale out fast. no doubt. thanks for keeping bon scott and ac/dc alive.. rock on and rock in peace.and ride on bon..
Name - Paul Holguin
Show/Date - Lido Live 1/17/15

This was the second time I've seen Bonfire, I couldn't wait for this show since Id seen them the first time. These guys are the closest thing to AC/DC you'll ever see. They are so high energy and sound Is as tight as can be. They give a great show and I will be following these guys every chance I get, I've been next to the stage both shows and I see they are coming to my hometown Bakersfield Feb, 28 I'll be there for sure. The guitarist is an unbelievable duplicate of Angus, spot on to where you might think it's not real but trust me he's real and awesome. So don't miss them they're great. I'm a fan for life!!
This was the second time I've seen Bonfire, I couldn't wait for this show since Id seen them the first time. These guys are the closest thing to AC/DC you'll ever see. They are so high energy and sound Is as tight as can be. They give a great show and I will be following these guys every chance I get, I've been next to the stage both shows and I see they are coming to my hometown Bakersfield Feb, 28 I'll be there for sure. The guitarist is an unbelievable duplicate of Angus, spot on to where you might think it's not real but trust me he's real and awesome. So don't miss them they're great. I'm a fan for life!!
Name - Benjamin Marchetti
Show/Date - Canobie Lake Park 2013
I would first like to thank the entire bonfire band for making my son's birthday the best ever! He is a 12-year-old boy who enjoys listening to his favorite band bonfire. Everyone of you guys made his birthday special by being so nice to him, taking pictures with him, giving him a drum stick, signing his notebook and singing his favorite bonfire song "TNT" dedicating it to him. You are such a great band with your music and graciousness that I've become a big bonfire fan as well. This is again a birthday Benjamin will never forget as he always tells his friends what a great day he had with his favorite band! We hope you guys come back again to Canobie Lake Park next year. Thank you again bonfire from the Marchetti family. Bonfire rocks!
Name - Ryan K
Show/Date - House Of Blues 9/24/14
If you ever wondered what seeing AC/DC in 1978 was like, look no further. Myself and my family have been to 4 shows this year, because it gets no better...
Name - Steve Y
Show/Date - Canobie Lake Park 10/12/14
Its obvious the men of Bonfire can rock out like no other and it was nice of them to come to the East coast to share their talents. My nephew Benjamin first saw them in 2013 at Canobie and was in awe, so for the past year he was watching their video daily (and I do mean daily). This year we ran into Sean on the Midway and was gracious enough to tell his story on how he got started playing and he dedicated my nephews favorite song, TNT, in their second set He was blown away,as was the family,so Thank You Guys Very Much for making him feel special. They are more than just talented but truly great people who go out of their way for the fans. Hope to see you next year.
Name - Josh P. Show/Date - House Of Blues Anaheim 9/24/14 "I've seen pretty much every band there is. Last night's show you guys did was the best tribute/original or whatever band I've ever seen. That was Bon Scott!!!! I'm coming to as many of your guys shows as I can now. Super impressed. Thank you guys so much for making this the best birthday.

Name - Garren H. Show/Date - House Of Blues Anaheim 9/24/14

I had a blast watching bonfire! My kids love their ac/dc and tried to hang but got too tired and had to go to bed. Leaving old dad to rock out alone. Hob show may have been my favorite show of all time. I've been to many shows over the years and have many exciting moments but I can't remember being as blown away as watching bonfire. Having been a music "journalist" covering metal, rock and punk may have jaded me and certainly made it harder to just be a fan...you let me just rock out and have fun. Being a fan of ac/dc from a young age, I was skeptical and not expecting such a true and accurate performance of an iconic band. I challenge any fan of ac/dc to not come away from your show absolutely floored. Musicianship and accuracy top notch and the "showmanship" is unequaled. Thank you boys for doing what you do.
Name - Mary Reardon
Show/Date - Paladino's 9/19/14
Awesome!! Insane! Best AC/DC tribute band ever!! Loved it! Rock on!
Name - John Hernandez
Show/Date - Tattoo Expo 7/26/14
I saw AC DC with Bon Scott at the Long Beach Arena right before he passed. I swear I just saw the same show when you guys played Chino Hills Concerts in the park! All you guys/gal are 1st class musicians. I'm heading down to Romano's this weekend to get another dose.
The BEST tribute to Bon's AC DC hands down!
"go aheed, sing az layoud az ya loyk"!
Name - S A
Show/Date - Hollister 8/02/14
Ok, last night 8/6/14 the band was on stage and BONFIRE was on FIRE in Chino Hills....SA
Name - Bob
Show/Date - House of Blues 7/3/14
awsome show
Name - Chuck S.
Show/Date - Collection Park 6/28/14
Wow, what a great show you put on at the Collection in Oxnard. I have seen you guys play a couple dozen times and let me tell you, that was maybe the most FUN show I have ever seen. I mean you guys were awesome and "Angus" running through the crowd playing had the whole place rocking. When he stood on some guy's cooler playing it gave me chills - reminded me of Angus Young playing on top of a platform when I saw AC/DC play back in 1988. Keep coming back to Ventura County - WE LOVE YOU!
Name - Luke
Show/Date - Collection Park 6/28/14
WOW you guys were just outstanding at the collection!!!! Thanks for giving another spectacular show guys :) Sean you sounded just spot on, Diego and the boys ugh its like seeing AC/DC in 1979! Can't wait to see more great shows in the near future. God bless you guys and keep on.."Riding on the highway" ;)
Name - Cinda Osborne
Show/Date - Collection Park 6/28/14
Saw them for the first time last night. They where loud but amazing. I will plan to go see them again.
Name - Mitchell Dru
Show/Date - El Cajon 6/21/14
These guys sound just like early AC/DC, they rock. I have seen them 4x's now and every show is great. If you haven't seen them yet get to a show, rock out and then hang out afterwards to meet them, they are very cool guys.
Name - Lana Labrador
Show/Date - OC Market Place 6/14/14
First time seeing LA Bonfire at the OC swap meet . Not familar with the band but grew up listening to AC/DC FANTASTIC!!! Blew me away and to boot one of the band members sat on my lap and played the guitar WOW, can't get any better ! Thanks for making my Saturday afternoon one to remember!!! A lot of outstanding talent here ..... Hands down a must see band by far !!!
Name - Patti Croy
Show/Date - OC Market Place 6/14/14
Best concert I've seen in 20 years!
Do yourself a favor and see these guys.
I would pay $200.00 a seat to see them again.
Name - K. Gray
Show/Date - OC Market Place 6/14/14
AWESOME! Just saw your OC marketplace show and being brought up on AC/DC-Zep Triumph,
etc. I was TOTALTY B L O W N away.. I heard AC/DC (rosie) on the way home and have to say YOU GUYS nail it even BETTER! AWESOME!! The energy of the band was off the hook and the crowd interaction with the kids, you know those kids will remember that the rest of their lives! Maybe even inspired to carry the Torch of kick ass rock n roll (the early years) I cant believe how much the Lead singer was so spot on if not better,(sorry Bon) the guitar and bass players were having a great time with the crowd but when Diego went into the crowd and sat with fans while playing then decided to play inside the kids bounce house! I N S A N E! and give it up for the drummer!! MAN I LOVE ROCK N ROLL and you guys deliver!! Joined your mailing list, so you have an (old) NEW FAN FOR LIFE! Hey the O.C. Fair is coming soon..BONFIRE should perform there?? You said you like the weather?? (just a thought)? BE SAFE ROCK ON!
Name - Scott Bon Johnson
Show/Date - Canyon Club 5/03/14

I first saw these guys back in 2000. Flat out amazing show back then. I couldn't believe how Bon was channeled thru this guy. The entire band was spot on. Fast forward to tonight, I was thinking there was no way this guy could have the same pipes he had in 2000. I was so right...his pipes were STRONGER. Holy crap, I was amazed. This time I brought my wife and kids and they enjoyed the show, especially my son. I tried to get my daughter to take a pic with "Bon" but she was too shy. haha! This was a different "Angus" from the past times I have seen these guys. At first I was thinking...."Hey, Angus doesn't have tatts! And he sure as hell doesn't look like a Nikki Sixx (or as my wife observed "He looks like Alice Cooper kinda") but I will tell you this....he was spot on musically and he had just as much energy! The fact he played "Beatin' Around the Bush" with insane speed and accuracy made him a guitar god in my book! I don't want to leave "Malcolm", "Phil", and "Cliff out of this review. You guys nailed it! Perfect tones, tight musically, and pure POWER. You guys brought to stage what made me love AC/DC for over 35 years! THANK YOU!So, I will say what I said in my review I wrote back in 2000....SEE THIS BAND. If you always wanted to see AC/DC with Bon Scott up front, you can, and you won't leave disappointed! Thank you guys for such a great show!

Name - Luke Garza
Show/Date - Whiskey AXS TV 4/14/14
Review -
That was an incredible night to remember!!! Kick-ass rock n roll and the band and crowd was just electrifying :) Cant wait to see you guys at the Canyon Club. Cant stop watching you guys on my DVR ahaha
Name - Gun For Hire
Show/Date - Whiskey AXS TV 4/14/14
Review -
Saw you guys on AXS TV over the weekend and all I can say is WOW! You guys nailed it! Pseuodo-Bon was definitely channeling Bon Scott - it was almost like the real thing. Pseudo-Angus killed it too. The rest of the band was equally awesome. Hope to see you here in the Heartland Live one of these days. Keep on rockin'!
Name - Luke Garza
Show/Date - Whiskey AXS TV 4/14/14
No question the greatest night ever!!!! The best concert I've ever went to and the crowd was awesome!!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon and POWERAGE UP!!!
Name - David Montgomery
Show/Date - Viper Room 11/09/13
I took a trip to L.A In November to go out and visit the sunset strip. We were at the Rainbow Bar and Grill and I noticed people wearing bonfire shirts around the bar, so I asked.. What's with the shirts.. They said the best acdc tribute band is playing at the Viper room. So I took a stroll down the street. Once I walked up the stairs in the viper room I was blown away on how amazing they were. It looked sounded just like ACDC and not to mention the singer looks and sounds just like Bon Scott. I highly recommend people to go check these guys out you will be blown away!!! Thanks again guys and hope to see you again real soon!!! Long live AC/DC!!!!
Name - Whole lotta Poseur
Show/Date - Whiskey 5/14/14
Wow!!!!!!! Amazing Show at whiskey!! holy Big Balls Bonfire!!!!! Awesome!!!!
Name - Jon
Show/Date - CANADA 3/5/14 - 3/10/14
Saw you guys there.. Amazing $%@@ show. you guys are the ultimate AC-DC band. Please come back and tour rest of Canada!!!!
Name - John Clements
Show/Date - Fremont St. Vegas 3/7-8/13
Vegas needs an attitude adjustment and I need a swift kick in the groin.
Name - Rocko
Show/Date - CANADA 3/5/14 - 3/10/14
You guys simply rock ur show was firkin great!TY for coming to Canada EH!Nx time come in summer youll sell out!
Name - Ken Ogston
Show/Date - CANADA 3/5/14 - 3/10/14
Great performance in Chilliwack last night. Small crowed and you gave it all. Wow. Can't say enough. See you again.
Name - Kev / Laura and the Chwk Crew
Show/Date - CANADA 3/5/14 - 3/10/14
Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for such a great time in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. In spite of a small crowd, you guys gave 110% and performed like true professionals. Your love for the music shows and you nailed the band. I saw Bon, Angus and the band back around '76 backing up Aerosmith at the PNE and was blown away back then and was taken back tonight! Again thanks guys. You have to go see them, come back soon...Let there be Rock!
Name - Brad
Show/Date - CANADA 3/5/14 - 3/10/14
Saw BonFire last night at the Mary Irwin Theatre last night in Kelowna BC, good show
Name - Patty Morris
Show/Date - Cannery 11/29/13, 11/30/13
Saw Bonfire at the Cannery Hotel and Casino Nov. 29th wow I was totally amazed loved it look forward to seeing them again
Name - Jackson Rogers
Show/Date - Canobie Lake Park 2013
Me and my dad were rockin to your music having a great time. My dad and I were in the zone. BEST BAND EVER!
Name - david
Show/Date - House of Blues SD 7/05/13

Terrific show. Was like going back in time
Name - Rob Covington
Show/Date - Saint Rocke 8/30/13

Wow! Seen Bonfire a zillion times, and wasn't sure about the Saint Rocke venue (it's like a fine restaurant). Turns out venue was cool, but Bonfire was off the hook. Man they jammed HARD for around 2.5 hours (almost 1:30AM). They played every Bon song faithfully and a few Brian Johnson songs that had you screaming along with them. They gave 'til it hurt and then came back when we begged and closed with Problem Child.

Name - Teresa
Show/Date - Hollister Concerts 8/17/13
What a show!!! Great musicians, great showmanship, great wine...it all adds up to a wonderful evening. We hope to see you again next year.
Name - Veronica
Show/Date - House of Blues 7/31/13
My husband and I have been trying to see Bonfire for a long time, we were finally able to see them at the House of Blues. It was a GREAT show!! We had so much fun and were able to interact with the band, since we were in the front row! I got great pictures too! We'll definitely see them again!!
Name - Lani
Show/Date - Hollister Concerts 8/17/13
The band was HOT and the members were too!
Sounds just like the real thing......can't wait to see them again! Enjoyed ourselves from the beginning!
Name - Mike and Lisa
Show/Date - B Ryders 6/16/13
HOLY CRAP!!! If you guys EVER play a better show than this, WE WANT TO BE THERE!
We had more fun at this show than any band, anywhere, anytime. Unbelievable energy, great music, great playing, great singing. FANTASTIC! We would fly across two oceans to see BonFire!! We Love You!!! You guys were awesome!!! We had a great time at your show! Thanks so much for coming back to Bakersfield where we first saw you. This band is worth traveling any distance to see if you love AC/DC !!!
Name - Skip
Show/Date - Canyon Club 8/02/13
We drove from AZ to see you play because are friends in Cali said you rocked and they didnt lie. The show rocked the house down we had a great time being front row and having are table being used as part of the stage. All of our girls loved the show also. We hope to see you play again and would love to see you come to AZ and show them what a true rock and roll show is.
Name - Jeff
Show/Date - Canyon Club 8/02/13
OK guys, I have seen every one of your shows at the Canyon Club for the last 8 years. Last night was a special night! First of all, you guys seemed refreshed and hungry. The crowd was like no other, so into it. It was so great to see Steve (we miss you Steve). Also, completely cool to have "Brian Johnson" join you for the Back in Black songs. My ears at still ringing, but for a good reason. Why the hell have you not toured/opened for the hard rock/metal bands we all love? Can't wait to see you again...
Name - Joyce
Show/Date - House of Blues Las Vegas 7/31/13
What a fantastic show, amazing lead guitarist.
Name - Diane
Show/Date - House of Blues San Diego 7/05/13
First time seeing Bonfire. Wow! What a performance you delivered! Your overall energy was unbelievable, vocalization was amazing. Stage presence and tunes were at the top......phenomenal talent from all guitarists, and the drums were pounding the place. Seriously, you took us to another planet. You had mentioned on FB about how time consuming it is to perform here in San Diego with the travel time and all the work to put it all together for just under an hour show, yet how much you loved every minute of it when you took the stage. Well, with that being said, take a bow! All of you brought such great talent with an outstanding 'Rock' atmosphere that dominated. Thank you for a fun evening of rock and entertainment. We'll be seeing you again.
Name - rafael
Show/Date - House of Blues San Diego 7/05/13
Came there to see Led Zepagain. Didn't even know who you guys were. Walked in in the middle of your set (it was early, "Angus" still had the schoolboy outfit on)... and got COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by the wall of sound and energy. You guys obviously love what you do and it's contagious. You have a new fan. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU! See you again SOON!
Name - Tgirl
Show/Date - OC Tavern 6/22/13
I admit it I am a groupie!! I never miss your shows when your local. OC Tavern was the best place to see you by far. As always you sounded great, lots of sexy energy but the best part was you were right there!! Could be amazed by your drummer, blown away by the vocals and watch the finger work on the guitars! Not to mention the cute guitarist that always smiles like he loves it as much as I do. and Yes wildman that was me who licked your sweat off your neck and poured my beer in your mouth. You guys are so damn good! Full rock n roll package is just sexy to a girl like me! Please Please come back to OC more. Can't wait to see and hear you again! xo Tgirl
Name - Elliot Semmelman
Show/Date - OC Tavern 6/22/13
You guys were kick-ass! Great set playing for 2 hours! Just to hear "The Jack" was awesome! See you soon.
Name - Alan
Show/Date - Mud Run 6/08/13
You guys were awesome at the mud run! Very energetic and great sound. I will definitely check out one of your shows later this year.
Name - Dave Lundy
Show/Date - Mud Run 6/08/13
Just a great day with you guys at the Mud Run listening to some kick ass AC/DC tunes.Also was at the Grove in Anaheim and seen you guys at Pala Casino a few months back.I have to say each show just keeps us wanting to come back for more.Let there be rock brothers!Keep on rockin!Already checking the schedule and hope to see the Bonfire gang soon!
Name - John P.
Show/Date - Grove of Anaheim 5/24/13
Saw you guys perform last night. Wow! Can't imagine how you could be better. Excellant show! Would like to have heard a few more from the post Bon Scott era, but I understand.
Name - AC/DC Lover
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 5/18/13
AHHHH!I love, love, love AC/DC and you guys were so energetic and awesome. All that is pure and good and rocking bout AC/DC was displayed at the concert. It was my first time but definitely not my last! Love you guys <3
Name - Nicole T.
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs 5/18/13
The guys were amazing last night! It couldn't have been more exhilarating ;D Love 'em all and I hope they come back soon!!! <3
Name - Wayne Pruitt
Show/Date - Fremont St. Vegas 3/7-8/13
Freemont Street and Vegas has become an annual trip for this Virginia Boy. First time exposure to Bonfire for me and I have to say the sound and entertainment stopped me dead in my tracks for 2 solid hours. Memories of my AC/DC concert in my younger days were brought back to life! A East Coast visit would have me at the show anytime.
Name - Eva
Show/Date - Paladinos 3/23/13
I was at the Paladino's show last night and I must say I was impressed....I love that it was all original AC/DC ... your energy was right on!! Bon Scott would would be proud! I look forward to your band playing in the Valley again. Glad you enjoyed the Jack, Cheers!...xoxoxoxoxo
Name - jerry
Show/Date - Casino Arizona 1/24-25/13
Great friggen show..raw energy..just like the old shows..if you you dont go u dont know and u totally miss the experience!!!Rocks
Name - David Goyette
Show/Date - Canyon Club 1/19/13
One hell of a show You guys never disappoint we love to see you and are always in the front rocking out Thank you so much for loving the music and keeping it real we love you guys.See you next.
Name - cassandra cromwell
Show/Date - El Cajon Grand 1/12/13
Sexiest tribute to acdc ever! thanks for the black sabbath shout out ;) i bartend here and told my boss if we don't get you guys here at least 3 times a year i'm gonna quit :)
Name - Tony & Tricia
Show/Date - Romano's 1/05/13
AWESOME!!! Bonfire Played for almost 3 hours! I'd never had the pleasure to see an AC/DC Concert with Bon Scott, my first was Who Made Who and I haven't missed a concert since. What my wife and I heard and saw is exactly what I would of thought a concert with Bon would of been like. They were so loud and right on with every song! When we left our ears were ringing...Now Thats an AC/DC Show! My wife even said her ears were still ringing the next morning! Even a week later she is still talking about how Great the show was! I've been an AC/DC Fan for well over 30 years...Thanks for Keeping AC/DC and the Memory of Bon Scott Alive and Well!! You Guy's ROCK!!!

Name - acdc4life
Show/Date - Romano's 1/05/13
Review -
WWOOOWWW...I can"t believe how Ramano's concert lounge brings the best out of Bonfire! Great Show and all five of you just kicked-ass.... Thank You for a great set list and a 2 an a half hour show... You just kicked off a great start to a New Year... See ya soon
Name - Iceman
Show/Date - Prairie's Edge Casino 12/28/12
Saw these guys last night at Prairie's Edge. Like other reviews, I was NOT expecting what I got. I've seen AC/DC once, at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on the Black Ice tour, and while the band I saw last night was just as good as the real thing, it was trip back into a time I wish I was around for. Bon passed 11 years before I was born, but I honestly felt like I was in 1979. The energy and atmosphere was just frickin electric!!! Dad saw them in '79 in Chicago and said this band was nailed the sound and charisma 100%. So glad I was able to see you guys, and I hope you come back to this area SOON!!! I also appreciated the fact you played my favorite AC/DC song, Rock and Roll Damnation. Made my night for sure!!!
Name - Junebug
Show/Date - Canyon Club 10/12/12
1st time and NOT the last time! You guys are frickin' AWESOME!!!! The BEST!! I've got a group of 20 for your next show!! Come back REAL soon! FANTASTIC! OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
Name - Stu B
Show/Date - Romano's 10/13/12
I'm a huge ACDC fan and have seen them several times so when Bonfire came to Fantasy Springs casino a couple years ago, I decided to go see them. I honestly wasn't expecting what I got. These guys were spot on and rocked the house for 2+ hours! After the first song I made my way to the front of the stage where I stayed for the rest of the concert. Im writing this review with a serious hangover because last night, I saw them at Fantasy again (for the 3rd time) and they were AWESOME! These guys are so good that I'd drive to LA to see them. Come back to Fantasy soon! |..|
Name - SD Bonfire Fan
Show/Date - Romano's 9/08/12
Loved my AC/DC tapes as a kid but was never a big fan of live music....til now. Saw them in El Cajon then immediately made plans to see them again in Vegas. They kicked ^%$^%$% both times. Driving all over just to see them!! Send me gas money.
Name - acdc4life
Show/Date - Romano's 10/13/12
To all who read this! 10/13/12 @ Romano's bar was the greatest show I have ever seen Bonfire perform... let me tell ya about it... It's small, they have a great light set up, its as loud as F@%k in there, there were about 75 people in attendace (Everyone rockn and not watching), beautiful ladies dancing dirty and most importanly 2hr 15min set....
If that don't make you readers jealous than heres the topping of the cake; a big dude in the audience breaks out a large bottle of Jack Daniels and pours shots for us who were up in front row and hands the bottle to Sean (aka Bon Scott). Sean tells the crowd they weren't leaving the stage till the bottle was gone.... And thats exactly what happend...
Great Show, Great Crowd, Kick Ass Performance!!! I gotta say i jus can't get enough of the ass kicing acdc music you guys do... Thanks for the Great Show and see ya @ the Rock Yard this weekend 10/20/12...
Oh yeah thanks for singing Overdose and Gone Shotn...
Name - jade
Show/Date - Fremont St 9/27,28,29/2012
I rocked to this band every night I was in Vegas. AC/DC is my all time favorite band but I have to say Bonfire flat out rocks the house!!!! My trip to Vegas was kickass, thanks Bonfire keep on rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name - John & Kourtney
Show/Date - Fremont St 9/27,28,29/2012
Saw you guys last night (9/27)......freakin' SUPERB!!! A perfect ending to our week in Vegas. You guys would SLAY 'em out here in Detroit. ROCK ON!!!
Name - Holly Till
Show/Date - Fremont Experience 9/29 to 10/2 2011
So I had tickets to see AC/DC back in the summer of '79, but I got into a bit of trouble (i.e. snuck out to go to a kegger at Virginia Lake Park, got caught-shite!) and as a consequence, had to forfeit my tix. Yes, I was disappointed but thought, "Ah, well, I can always see AC/DC another time." Just shows how wrong you can be at age 15. It was one of the biggest regrets of my life; that is until I had the pleasure of seeing Bonfire perform on Fremont Street last year. That show took away 99.99% percent of the anguish of missing Bon whilst he was alive. Note for note, word for word, this band was spot on!! It was as if Bon had come back from the grave, that's how much the frontman looked, acted, sounded, dressed like our beloved Ronald Belford Scott. They are playing 3 nights in a row starting tonite and you bet your ass I will be there. I'm sure Bon is looking down from Heaven with approval at this superb tribute band.
Name - Tonya Motley
Show/Date - Grove of Anaheim 9/15/12
We never miss you when you're in the OC. You guys kill it every time! You are ALL crazy good and you seem like you are all having as much fun as we are. LOVE YOU! See you next time. xo Tgirl
Name - P. Yonaki
Show/Date - On The Rocks Bakersfield, CA 8/31/12
As always, you guys played your "A" game! Was surprised Mr. Pandol left the group and I'm sure it was hard to fill his shoes but his replacement kicked a**! Congrats to James on his upcoming marriage. It was really good to see the guys again! Thanks for another good time - hope to see you back soon!
Name - Sonja Lubert
Show/Date El Cajon, CA 9/08/12
Once again.... nuthin but pure AWESOMEness!!!
Love you guys ;-)

Name - James
Show/Date - Hollister, CA 9/01/12

These guys killed it. It was like being at a 1970's era AC/DC concert. I would see them again and again!
Name - J. Solis
Show/Date - HOB San Diego 7/07/12
If there were a Time Machine , every time BONFIRE takes the stage it's turned ON. Ass Kicking, non-stop, relentless, Rock-n-Roll FUN . As always , great show !
Name - bo nielson
Show/Date - Other
you fucking rosks!!!!! rip bon scott
Name - E.P.
Show/Date - Hotel Las Vegas 7/13/12

I am all about live music and hate to be a fan but, you were the best stereo system in the world
I applaud you, a standing ovation for your performance at Friday night's gig at the LVH. This stellar performance was flawless to the listening ear as well as to the visual sights with both front men Bon and Angus. This Tribute Band is so in tune with playing with the highest respect and love for the Greatest all time record selling album, Rock-n-Roll band on the planet. I won't spill the beans as to what was performed but, I will say this; If Bon had a chance to continue to with his LIFE here on earth, that album would have been bigger and better because of the love and passion Bon had for influencing his take for making Great touring albums so he could reach out to the fans and greet them with his so missed talent. I'm the fan during the show that could not accept Bon having to choose water over the empty bottle of beer while performing on stage. It was throwing the surreal experience off so I had to support the reality of two Bud-lights just as any great fan would do to save the great voice of a great band. I'll tell you Mates, from Vegas to the Coach to the Grove or the 15-Marquee or at home in LA you're going to blow up huge as the next big Circus Act as if you don't know by now, right! Hey listen if the Panther can do it and that's great comedy, you can do it better as an Original tribute.
This is for your promoter. I would love to see a performance with a Trio featuring Bonfire- Led Zepp-Again and Wild-Child.
Thanks for giving me a full wide perspective and rendition of what Mr. Bon Scott would have been like with the boys.

Name - Frank
Show/Date - Peppermill Casino 7/15/12
I saw you yesterday at the peppermill casino, I thought that you guys were awesome, you should come back and play again either at the peppermill or come to salt lake city, thanks for the show !!

Name - Michael Prince
Show/Date - Hotel Las Vegas 7/14/12

Went to the Vegas show on Saturday night and I must say I was incredibly impressed. 1hr 45 mins of spot on AC/DC Tribute. These guys rocked this venue. Can't wait for them to come back to Vegas. I will be there.
Name - Luke Garza
Show/Date - The Grove 6/16/12
This is no doubt about the greatest tribute band of all time and i love the Bon Scott guy he is 100% bon and sounds exactly like him too!!! I salute the bonfire all the way!!!!!!!! And the Angus character is amazing thnx so much for doing this u guys you brung ac/dc back alive in these days. Great work hope to see you guys in Ventura!
Name - Todd
Show/Date - The Grove 6/16/12
Frenetic, powerful, ultra-high energy show where the bandmembers are soaked in sweat giving 100% the entire time... the best ever AC/DC tribute band I've seen hands down! Kudos on the drummer for tossing me a drumstick at the end of the night... amazing show!
Name - John
Show/Date - The Grove 6/16/12

You guys had SO much energy, A tough act to follow, Led Zepagain was also awesome. "Angus" was terrific! "Bon" was amazing! But I was having a hard time concentrating when all I could see was hot bassist side boob! Regargless of what the bassist is wearing, next time your in town, I'll be there!

(Band Side-note: Bassist James does not have boobs, due to his recovery time after crashing his motorcycle, bass chores were taken up by Andria from Thund-Her Struck the awesome all-female AC/DC tribute. James will return to the stage with Bonfire on June 30th)

Name - Tgirl
Show/Date - The Grove 6/16/12
As always they KILLED it! Damn man they blew the roof off of The Grove. The lead guitarist ripped!! Seriously, EVERYONE in this band is spot on! you all rocked it. We LOVE seeing you live. Tight! It never seems long enough! forever fans.. xoxo

Name - Chris
Show/Date - Oak Tree Carnival 5/18/12

Wow, Now Thats Entertainment.
Great Show. High Energy Rock and Roll.
Hope To See You Next Year
Name - Mike Moon
Show/Date - Casino Arizona 4/21/12
The Best! We got a local AC/DC trib band here in AZ called TNT. The guy in that outfit is dead on for Brian, maybe a battle of the bands? See once and for all who's got the snarl that started the brawl???
Anyway, good music #1, #2 I'm too young to have seen Bon but it was like I was really there! #3 "Angus" totally worked the crowd! I was IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come Back!!!!!
Name - Raif Balentine
Show/Date - Santa Fe Swap Meet 4/14/12
I just saw Bonfire this weekend and I am a huge Bon Scott fan, since the 70's so I know his style ,looks, and sound too well. Believe me when I say I had to keep shaking my head cause I thought I was seeing Bon Scott come back from the dead. Amazing! The Front man was born to play AC/DC . I thought they broke the mold when they made Bon Scott but apparently one of his DNA escaped and is Rocking again! The Angus Young was spot on with the licks and energy as well. Can't think of one flaw actually. Go see this band , you will be amazed!
Name - Juan & Kimberly
Show/Date - Santa Fe Swap Meet 4/14/12
Best ACDC tribute band ever. Epic show really enjoyed the music. Awesome. All band members really talented and the lead guitarist puts on a killer show just like Angus. Keep rocking and hope to see you soon.

Name - Gal Bushy
Show/Date - The Canyon Club 3/ 24/12

The first time I saw you guys was back in Sept or Oct '11 at the HOB with Fireball and Zepagain and you guys just blew me away so I had to come check you guys out again and I brought my dad with me this time. First off all, to the gentleman who fronts the band and fills the shoes of Bon Scott..you should know I'm an arrogant and very selective musician. If I don't think a fellow musician is up to my standards I brush them off and carry on without thinking twice but when I saw you up there with the mic wire wrapped around your hand like that and that badass grin my inner rock n roller melted. You are an incredible singer and you capture Bon Scott's essence in an amazing way. The rest of the band is equally as fantastic, the rhythm guitarist is spot on every time as are the drums and bass. I look forward to catchin the next show in LA, I'll be the dude dancing like crazy in the front. Thank you guys for keeping rock n roll alive and passing on something so special to the next generation.

Name - The Youngs
Show/Date -Fremont Street Las Vegas March 2012
My dads 50th Bday and you guys killed it on Fremont !! I cant wait to see you guys again. The "REAL" band blows compared to you guys. Plus, you play "Big Balls"!! thanks for the Set-list !! You guys rock !!
Name - Todd
Show/Date -Fremont Street Las Vegas March 2012
Came down from Alaska for the Nascar races and while walking down Fremont, thought that Bon Scott awoke up from the dead. BonFire stoled the weekend for me. You guys need to book a gig in Alaska!
Name - Mike P.
Show/Date - The Canyon Club 3/ 24/12

Had the pleasure of seeing Bonfire for the first time last Saturday Night at the Canyon Club in Agoura. I must tell you these are are no nonsense go for the throat AC/DC intensity in the purest form. I have attended 15 Plus AC/DC Concerts over the past 30 years. None with the late great Bon Scott. Bonfire was spot on in the true tradition of real rock and roll. Thanks guys you made my evening and I will be looking forward to attending many more shows in the future. Bonfire is the perfect fix for true AC/DC Fans.

Name - RB
Show/Date - The Canyon Club 3/ 24/12
I have seen you guys 5 times, but last night show was The Best. Can't wait for the next show. Thank you guys please keep rockin.

Name - Chris
Show/Date - The Canyon Club 3/ 24/12

You guys were great at the Canyon Club! Great energy and you got everyone into it! Great job.
Name - Patsy
Show/Date -Fremont Street Las Vegas March 2012
The show was "GREAT"! Please book Vegas more often, and thanks again Sean for the guitar pick!!
Name - Gil Heideman
Show/Date -Fremont Street Las Vegas March 2012
Awesome the best AC/DC band I've heard!!!

Name - Kate
Show/Date -Fremont Street Las Vegas 12/31/2011

Went to Vegas for New Years and decided to hang out on Fremont St the Friday before to see what was going on.  We stumbled into LA Bonfire playing on the main stage and were blown away!  We unfortunately missed the first half of the show so we went back on Sunday to see if they were playing again, and they were! So Awesome!!
I explain to my friends that LA Bonfire is as close to seeing AC/DC without actually going to see AC/DC!
I love you guys!! :)

Name - WholeLottaBonfire
Show/Date - Romano's 12/03/11

"Best Show Ever"!!! Hats of to the best tribute band out in SoCal. This was my 5th show in six months that I've seen Bonfire and without a doubt the "The Best Show Ever" I say this after every show and yet this band opens the curtians and ass kicking music hits us full force.
 The riverside show was jus over the top... Romano's small club feel made the show simply "Perfect". It was loud, it was long and the Jack Daniels flow'd... I gotta say it's gonna be hard for you guys to top this show. Can't wait to see ya try in 2012!!!

Name - Randy
Show/Date - Romano's 12/03/11

You guy's where great at Romano's last Saturday night...I had all my boys show up and they all had a blast.  You guys rock the house!
Name - Clayton Hamill
Show/Date - Inn of the Mountain Gods - 10/22/11
I saw these guys in ruidoso at the ski apache partyon the mountain they rocked!!!!! and just so u guys no ( members of the band) thats one of the first concerts ive seen and im fourteen years old every part of the band was great and it was wonderfully awesome i could go on forever about it and it was a huge inspiration for me bcus i happen to be a guitarist my self and the performance was out of this world good job guys keep doing what u r doing thank u for the experiance i greatly appreciate it!!!!!!
Name - Shelly L
Show/Date - Fremont Street Experience - 9/29 - 10/2/11

We saw them for the first time in July in Vegas and were so impressed we followed them to Laughlin in August and then two nights on Fremont Street. That's 4 x in 4 months! What a talented bunch of guys. Very cool and easy going to talk to as well.

posted: 10-11-2011

Name - Rich and Jenn
Show/Date - Fremont Street Experience - 9/29 - 10/2/11

GOT ENGAGED ON THE STAGE!!!! Thanks BONFIRE. You made it the greatest experience ever. You rocked.

posted: 10-11-2011

Name - Jocelyn the Bizz Schick
Show/Date - Fremont Street Experience - 9/29 - 10/2/11

Had the pleasure of running into this great band in Vegas! Had to go again for a second night! What a tribute...when I closed my eyes...I thought I was living back in the 70s...nice job guys...looking forward to catching you again somewhere - who knows maybe even in CANADA!

posted: 10-10-2011

Name - Kathy Ashby
Show/Date - Marquee15 - 10/8/11

Absolutely AMAZING!! I cannot say enough good things. We ate, drank and rocked our asses off. We plan on seeing you again! You made our night. By far the best.....you were on it!

posted: 10-10-2011

Name - acdc4life
Show/Date - Pala Casino - 9/3/11

The Pala show was GREAT... You Guys Rocked us from begining to end Bon Scott reincarnated OMG we danceed our asses off. You did not miss a beat! totally awsome I cant wait to rock again. Well be there to rock with you in CORONA. Can we set the play list for Corona?

posted: 9-6-2011

Name - Randy
Show/Date - River Palms Resort - 8/6/11

I went to Laughlin to see you on 8/6/11 - The Bon Scott era is AC/DC's best, and you guys nailed it! Bonfire is the BEST, most authentic tribute band I've ever seen, ever!

posted: 8-8-2011

Name - Angela
Show/Date - House Of Blues Las Vegas - 7/21/11

The vibe being in the audience was... Identical and powerful and professional!! BONFIRE REALLY IS THE BEST AC/DC TRIBUTE BAND EVER! The crowd was singing and dancing and no one wanted it to end. We can't wait to see you in Laughlin! XO

posted: 7-29-2011

Name - Gary "The Hawk"
Show/Date - House Of Blues Las Vegas - 7/21/11

I was in Las Vegas for a conference and decided to check out the Bonfire concert. Without any doubt, Bonfire is the best tribute band that I ever heard or seen. In addition to the music being as good as, if not better, than the original AC/DC masters themselves, they dress and play the roles of the past and present AC/DC band members to perfection. A terrific experience! My only regret is that I live on the east coast of the USA and Bonfire only plays the west coast. Maybe I will put in for a job transfer to the west coast?

posted: 7-23-2011

Name - Rhona
Show/Date - House Of Blues Las Vegas - 7/21/11

As always, you guys rocked!!!!! See ya in Laughlin.

posted: 7-23-2011

Name - acdc4life
Show/Date - Fantasy Springs Casino - 6/4/11

WOW... blown away by the stage presence these guys had.... 1st time seeing them and can't wait to see them again.... the Rock Yard surely made them feel at home that night.... don't stop doing what you're doing... aaawwweessoommeee....

posted: 7-18-2011

Name - Robert
Show/Date - The Canyon - 7/8/11

Thank you guys for amazing performance. Playing entire Back In Black album was a big surprise and you guys rocked. This was my 4th time seeing guys and cant wait for the next show. But I have a huge favor to ask. Please raise the solo guitar's volume up while playing solos, its not clear at all. Thank you guys.

posted: 7-18-2011
Name - db
Show/Date - The Canyon - 7/8/11

Thanks for another great show! Going through Back In Black in sequence was awesome. Was hoping you would be true and play some Bon songs and you didn't disappoint! Way to nail that last vocal in Let There Be Rock! See you at The Canyon next time through...great job guys!

posted: 7-11-2011

Name - Jeff
Show/Date - The Canyon - 7/8/11

Oh my god!!! Saw your show at the Canyon last night & was blown away again! This is the 3rd time I have seen Bonfire there. Bonfire is hands down the best "tribute" band I have ever seen and one of the best "real" bands I have ever seen. ( I don't consider you a tribute band because you stand alone). It was so cool to hear "Back in Black" the way Bon would have sung it if we did not loose him. You guys are phenominal!!! I stood in the front row and you made me feel a part of the show. You guys rock. Don't change a thing. One question: When you comming back...?

posted: 7-9-2011

Name - andy bickerdike
Show/Date - San Bernardino Event Ctr - 5/7/11

great show last night guys, as a brit living here,and seeing lots of dc tribute bands over in england. you guys are one of the best ive seen. keep up the good work ad we'll see you again soon, \m/

posted: 5-9-2011

Name - Anne
Show/Date - The Canyon Las Vegas - 4/19/11

Thank you for playing for our AC/DC Fan Club reunion @ The Canyon Club. All of you are very talented musicians; I am extremely impressed! All of us are! Hopefully we'll see you next year same date same venue and..oh...please bring some merch for us!

posted: 4-28-2011

Name - Rhona
Show/Date - Broadacres Marketplace - 3/5/11

Hands down the best AC/DC tribute band EVER!!!! Also, the best birthday suprise. Thank you guys for making my birthday so special. We will be seeing you April 19th, at the Canyon Club.

posted: 4-10-2011

Name - Hector Aguilar
Show/Date - Escenica - 12/3/10



posted: 3-23-2011

Name - Rick Valdez
Show/Date - Romano's - 1/15/11

Bonfire is my favorite Tribute band, there is no band out there that has the high energy that these guys bring to every show! Bon Scott lives thru Sean and he does Bon better than anyone could except Bon Scott himself.. BonFire You guys Rock!!!!

posted: 3-8-2011

Name - Raul
Show/Date - Broadacres, Las Vegas - 3/5/11

Saw you guys a Broadacres. The whole band rocked. Thank you so much for a great show.

posted: 3-8-2011

Name - Jimmy Palmer
Show/Date - Saint Rocke

last nights show 2/25/11 in hermosa beach was well worth the shitty pouring rain drive from Palm Springs Ca- you WILL be seeing me again!!!!!!!!! keep rockin & keep in touch !! www,theguitarer.net

posted: 2-27-2011

Name - JEFF
Show - The Hilton Las Vegas
Date - 7/14/10

I have seen many AC/DC tributes over the years. Bonfire's lead singer is the second coming of Bon Scott. I was mesmerized the whole show by how dead on this show was to an actual show when Bon Scott was alive. Thank you so much for keeping the memory alive. I also saw the shows on New Year's weekend on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The whole band was outstanding especially considering the weather was so cold my feet froze during every set. Thanks again for reminding me how great a talent Bon Scott was.

posted: 2-2-2011

Reviewer: Bob Sheppard
Venue: Romano's
Location: Riverside, CA
Show Date: 1/15/11

Have already seen you play several times now and finally got to take my son-in-law to see you. Of course he was blown away and then he watched my DVDs of Bon Scott and couldn't believe how the lead singer nailed Bon Scott on stage! We'll be seeing you again for sure!

posted: 1-21-2011

Reviewer: Brenda
Venue: Paladino's
Location: Tarzana
Show Date: Sept. 24, 2010

You guys rock! I loved the entire gig. My ears rang for 2 days-YES! I'm so glad you did the Powerage album! It's the best AC/DC album made (my opinion) & so unappreciated! You rocked it! My brother & I are big fans of you guys!

posted: 10-6-2010

Reviewer: Gruffydd
Venue: Paladino's
Location: Tarzana
Show Date: 24 September 2010

Wow. These guys are good. Damn good. Lately I've seen a few tribute bands at Paladino's. Some bands solely pay tribute to the music, while others try harder to capture the experience. Bonfire does both. It was great to hear these songs done so well, and so loud. Highly recommend this band to anyone interested in seeing them.

posted: 10-3-2010

Reviewer: Enrique
Venue: Youtube - Fishlips & Promo
Location: NA
Show Date: NA


I am still in shock - awesome.

For real. Please consider coming to Spain.

posted: 10-3-2010

Reviewer: Josh B
Venue: La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
Location: La Mirada, CA
Show Date: 9-10-2010

I was the sound guy for this show....and Bonfire seriously rocked it! I haven't had so much fun at "work" in a long time! Everything about them was top notch, and they were super cool to work with to boot. Can't wait to see 'em again - this time off the clock :)

posted: 10-3-2010

Reviewer: Brian
Venue: La Mirada Theater
Location: La Mirada
Show Date: 9/10/2010

Incredible show guys. I love AC/DC and you guys nail the early band perfectly. You put on a show that can't be missed....and I'm glad I didn't. Can't wait until you're around again.

posted: 10-3-2010

Reviewer: Brian and Sherri
Venue: waterfront
Location: marina del rey
Show Date: 8-28-2010

What can we say once again bonfire amazes us with some hard rockin ac-dc originals from our early youth.Bonfire are so spot on everytime.You just cant help being hooked once you have heard these kicked in the teeth classics.Long live powerage boys.Thanks for always starting our weekend off with a bang!

posted: 10-3-2010

Reviewer: Alan
Venue: Coach House
Location: San Juan Capistrano Ca
Show Date: Aug 20, 2010

All I can say is WOW..I am a big ac-dc fan from the bon scott days and this band does it to the T..It was so much fun rockin with these guys all nite and ended with a standing ovation..Cant wait to see them again hopefully in San diego

posted: 8-30-2010

Reviewer: Dale Dauernheim
Venue: The Beach Bar
Location: The Hilton in Atlantic City, NJ
Show Date: 7/16/2010

If Bon Scott were alive, He would think he was looking in the mirror! These Guyz blow up the stage with the good ole Bon Scott Ac/Dc If you here of them coming you better go see them. I got an excellent dose of Ac/Dc that night! Rock On brothers and keep doin what your doin!

posted: 7-19-2010

Reviewer: Benjamin
Venue: Hilton Theater
Location: Las Vegas Strip, NV
Show Date: 07/14/2010

I am a huge AC/DC fan. I was invited to see Bonfire by a buddy of mine who said they were a tribute band to AC/DC. When I went I was expecting a mediocre show. But I was Stunned. Bonfire is one of the BEST Tribute bands out there. Some parts of the show were so similar to an AC/DC concert that I got chills at times. It's good to see a tribute band that stays true to one of rocks legendary bands, AC/DC. ROCK ON BONFIRE! You guys are fantastic!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Daisy
Venue: Hilton
Location: Las Vegas
Show Date: 7/14/10

like it, awesome band. they're really cool. i so like one of the guitarist, so handsome. does anybody know what's his name?

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: steve
Venue: vegas hilton
Location: las vegas
Show Date: 7/14/10

awesome show...never got a chance to see the real bon scott...but im sure it was alot like this...sound was incredible..vocals almost spot on...no complaints well worth the price...i
will see them again..

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Liz Anderson
Venue: Las Vegas Hilton
Location: Vegas
Show Date: 7/14/10

The greatest AC/DC tribute band I have ever seen! Unbelievable! They looked and sounded just like them! I love early AC/DC, so this was my dream concert. They are the real deal. You have to see them if you are a Bon Scott fan. They are awesome!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Yvette
Venue: The Hilton
Location: Las Vegas
Show Date: 7/14/2010

I am a die hard AC/DC fan and just attended the Las Vegas concert last night with my mom & sister. Bonfire rocks! What a fantastic show! They are awesome and I will tell everyone about them. If you love good ol‚ Rock n Roll you have to see these guys! Thanks!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Andrew Seigel
Venue: AC Hilton
Location: Atlantic City
Show Date: July 16, 2010

What a tremendous show you put on in Atlantic City! My first LA Bonfire show but hopefully not my last. You're an incredibly tight band, every members performance was superb - you really brought the Bon Scott - AC/DC experience to life. PLEASE come back to the Philly / South Jersey area again!!!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Andrea Turnipseed
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Show Date: June 19, 2010

FANTASTIC!!! Three and a half hours of contiuous ACDC music LIVE!!!! What a great show. Can not wait until VEGAS BABY!!!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Jon & Jeanine Crocker
Venue: Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet
Location: Santa Fe Springs
Show Date: May 22, 2010

It's the day after the show, and my husband and I are still feeling the aftermath of the Bonfire show! What an amazing bandˆboth in the way they perform and how gracious they are to the fans. We loved the song selections for all 3 sets. We're huge ACDC fans, and felt like we were at a 70s show. Amazing. High energy from the band and fans. PLEASE come back to Santa Fe Springs!!!!

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Joel
Venue: Pasadena / Santa Monica
Location: 2 diffferent bars
Show Date: 4-5 yrs ago

For all True rockers, this is the Best tribute band out there. Having a conversation with the bands version of Bon Scott was so trippy - for it "really was Bon Scott". He looked and acted totally like him. Youngsters ( fan rockers 12-17 of today) can see what AC/DC was and is about - with respect to Brian Johnson. He and Bon are Badass!! The Best Rock Tribute band.

posted: 7-18-2010

Reviewer: Ron Hughes
Venue: The Ranch
Location: San Miguel Ca.
Show Date: April 2nd, 2010

Absolutly amazing. These guys were incredible. The best by far of all the tribute bands I ever saw. They just kept on playing and every song was great. The look, the sound, they have it all. Don't miss them, you will not be disapointed.

posted: 4-13-2010

Reviewer: Rick Newmiller
Venue: Las Vegas Hilton
Location: Las Vegas
Show Date: 3-24-2010

Outstanding performance, raw energy, good sound, the best tribute band I have ever seen! If you get the opportunity to see this band I would highly recommend you do so, I assure you that you wont be disappointed. These guys rock!

posted: 4-6-2010

Reviewer: James Bennett
Venue: Las Vegas Hilton
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Show Date: 3-24-2010

best tribute band ive seen in a long time the show was awesome the band was great and the music really rocked i really enjoyed myself i will go see them again next time they are here.

posted: 4-6-2010

Reviewer: Carl Lessing
Venue: Las Vegas Hilton
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Show Date: 3-24-2010

HOLY HIGHWAY TO HELL!!! I will never be able to say what it was like to see Bon Scott perform; but I now can imagine what it must have been like. These guys were amazing! And I had to remind myself that it wasn't really Angus Young on stage...But they kept fooling me! A W E S O M E If you are in a city when they are...you MUST see them. And as we saw with some youngin's there, even if you don't know AC/DC, if you love Rock n Roll...YOU WILL LOVE BON*FIRE!!! Chicago is callin' fellas!

posted: 4-6-2010

Reviewer: Bryan Looney
Venue: The Hilton Showroom
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Show Date: 1-1-2010

I've had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC many times with Bon Scott, and I've got to tell you this band rocks! The lead singer has all the mannerisms and the voice down. I was shocked at how good they looked and sounded, especially the lead vocalist. Can't wait to see them again.

posted: 1-18-2010

Reviewer: Kristin Evans
Venue: Waterfront Concert Theater
Location: Marina del Rey
Show Date: 1-9-10

The first time i saw bonfire was at fishlips in bakersfield. After the first time i saw them they i knew they were my new favorite band, mind you i am obsessed with acdc. And in my eyes, these guys r way better than acdc. They nail every song perfectly. Sean the singer is Bon Scott riencarnated, he looks and moves this Bon. Steve looks like angus, even wheres the school boy outfit and lays down on the floor and spins aroung while playing guitar. I saw them at fishlips, romanos, spikes, waterfront concert theatre, and the Hilton in Vegas.If you havent seen these guys, u r missing out! Get off your asses and check these guys out. Next show Jan 22, mark your calendar. You will see me in the front row rockin' out like i do at every show of thiers i go to. Big shout out to bonfire!

posted: 1-18-2010

Reviewer: Marc Angelucci
Venue: Waterfront Concert
Location: Marina del Rey
Show Date: January 9, 2010

This is the 4th time I've seen Bon/Fire and they ROCKED THE HOUSE AGAIN. The crowd went wild. They portray Bon Scott, Angus Young and the other AC/DC members perfectly. I'm SOLD. I started a FaceBook fan club to get people together who love this band and I invite people to join. Link to Group

posted: 1-18-2010

Venue: The Hilton Theater
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Show Date: 1/1/10

Bonfire was by far one of the greatest shows I have ever been to, was in the 4th row and these guys sounded like the early ac/dc, strong and loud voices, and the angus lookalike was a blast, If you ever get a chance to see these guys I would. Thanks for a great night in Las Vegas

posted: 1-8-2010

Reviewer: Brian Duncan
Venue: Fishlips
Location: Bakersfield, Ca
Show Date: 9/19/09

My wife & i drove 2 hours from long beach to see bonfire again , and they gave us a show we will never forget. An awesome performance of the entire powerage & highway to hell album,a double dose 0f ac dc at their best with bon (sean).Looking forward to seeing you guys again in 2010.

posted: 12-20-2009

Reviewer: Bob Sheppard
Venue: House of Blues
Location: San Diego
Show Date: 10/9/09

I will admit that I was skeptical because I'm a major AC/DC fan. My son-in-law got tickets and I thought to myself, WTF? I saw Bonfire last night and it was like seeing AC/DC with Bon Scott and it absolutely rocked!!! After the first song, I knew these guys had it down and was blown away, song after song. The tribute to Highway to Hell was like listening to the album... but watching it being played!!! It was a great concert, great time, and will see them again and will bring my friends!!! Thanks for a great time, Rock On

posted: 10-23-2009

Reviewer: Julie Kalogianis
Venue: HOB
Location: San Diego
Show Date: Oct 9 2009

I am a big fan!!!! Ive tried to find time in my busy schedule to see one of your shows and finally did. WOW!! My girlfriends and I had such a great time cant remember the last time I danced that much. I felt like I was 16 when I first discovered Bon Scott and AC/dc. I will come see you all again when your in San Diego.Im the girl in the front row of your show who got a serious ab workout..YIKES.
Whenever you decide to branch out to East county I will be ready.It would be my dream to have you play at my new bar WE LOVED YOU GUYS!!!

posted: 10-23-2009

Reviewer: Hector Penalosa
Venue: House of Blues
Location: San Diego
Show Date: Oct. 9th

I have to say you guys superceded yourselves from the last time I saw perform at the House of Blues in SD. 'Highway To Hell ' in its entirety, AWESOME! Thank you for being Bonfire, I'm a devoted fan of your excellent tribute.
You guys truly shook everybody all night long tonight!

posted: 10-23-2009

Reviewer: Karen Kearney
Venue: House of Blues
Location: San Diego
Show Date: 09 Oct 2009


posted: 10-23-2009

Reviewer: Shaun Cammock
Venue: Breckenridge Barn
Location: Bow, WA
Show Date: Sept. 12 2009

We all had soooooo much fun!!! You guys rocked the Arena!!! Bow folks are still talk'in about it! We'll have you back anytime! Hope you guys had as much fun entertaining us? Thanks again!!!!

posted: 9-22-2009

Reviewer: Lisa
Venue: Fishlips
Location: Bakersfield, Ca
Show Date: 9/19/09


posted: 9-21-2009

Reviewer: jim yount aka lt. dan
Venue: tonys barn
Location: Bow, WA
Show Date: 9/12/09

wow! that was a concert that wont be topped any time soon. we have no bands that can compare with you fellas, thanks for the best performance in thirty years,the best birthday ever! cant wait for our next occasion to entice you guys back. I could run for mayor after this gig was over thanks again , see you soon jim

posted: 9-15-2009

Reviewer: Lon
Venue: Dans birthday
Location: Bow, WA
Show Date: 9/12/09

Incredible Show.. You tell people BONFIRE are the best and they don't understand untill the BAND takes the stage. Then they are believers. Great job guys, thanks. Oh yeah thanks to Lea also.

posted: 9-15-2009

Reviewer: Brad Schifferl
Venue: Tony and Heidi's barn
Location: Bow, WA
Show Date: 9/12/09

BON/FIRE delivers...When I heard there was going to be an AC/DC cover band at this party I thought to my self...great another wanna-be band.Was I ever WRONG.These guys played flawless...songs like(beatin around the bush,kicked in the teeth again and so many more)If you are an old school AC/DC fan I strongly recommend checking this band out.Note for note,these guys deliver.

posted: 9-15-2009

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